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Course Catalog

Core Courses
55880 Continuum Mechanics
55900 Computational Mechanics of Materials
55920 Computational Mechanics of Structures
68760 Discretization Methods and Scientific Programming
30060 Optimisation of Mechanical Systems 
23850 Engineering Materials I: Metals, Concrete, Soils 


Elective Courses – 2nd Semester
68780 Micromechanics of Materials and Homogenization Methods
68740 Advanced Computational Mechanics of Structures
33630 Boundary Element Methods in Statistics and Dynamics
68790 Numerical Modelling of Soils and Concrete Structures
30100 Nonlinear Dynamics
60210 Implementation and Algorithms for Finite Elements
33320 Smart Structures
50140 Modeling of Hydrosystems
16100 Selected Topics in the Theories of Plasticity and Viscoelasticity
16180 Theoretical and Computer-Oriented Material Theory
50290 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations


Elective Courses – 3rd Semester
18620 Optimal Control
68750 Computational Methods for Shell Analysis
30030 Fahrzeugdynamik
30020 Biomechanik
16110 Elements of Nonlinear Continuum Thermodynamics
16140 Continuum Biomechanics
16130 Erdbebenbeanspruchung von Bauwerken
33370 Structure-Borne Sound
33360 Fuzzy-Methoden
50090 Environmental Fluid Mechanics I
50280 Multiphase Modeling
16160 Micromechanics of Smart and Multifunctional Materials
16150 Geometrical Methods for Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics and Continuum Thermodynamics
45191 Computational Materials Science
40520 Simulation Methods in Physics 1
45173             Computational Contact Mechanics


Elective Courses – 4th Semester
50170 Environmental Fluid Mechanics II
38240 Simulation Methods in Physics 2
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