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Summer School 2017

Timetable of the COMMAS summer school September 25–September 29, 2017

  Mon. 25.09.2017 Tue. 26.09.2017 Wed. 27.09.2017 Thu. 28.09.2017 Fri.  29.09.2017
09:00–10:30 Kollmannsberger Kästner Kästner Cyron Cyron
11:00–12:30 Kollmannsberger Kästner Dal Cyron Nguyen
12:30–14:00 L U N C H    B R E A K
14:00–15:30 Kollmannsberger Dal Dal Nguyen Nguyen

Short courses of the COMMAS summer school September 25–September 29, 2017
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Markus Kästner
TU Dresden, Professor, Institut für Festkörpermechanik
"Continuum modeling and simulation of strong magneto-mechanical coupling effects"
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kollmannsberger
Technische Universität München, Team leader, Simulation in applied Mechanics
"High Order Finite Element analysis"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hüsnü Dal
Middle East technical University Turkey, Assistant professor, Department of mechanical engineering
"Recent Trends in the Modelling of Micromechanics and Failure"
Dr.-Ing. Christian J. Cyron
Technische Universität München, Junior fellow and head of Emmy Noether Group
"Growth and Remodeling in Soft Biological Tissues"
Dr.-Ing. Lu Trong Khiem Nguyen
Universität Stuttgart, Post doctural fellow, Institute of Mechanics
"Spectral Methods for Differential Equations and Applications in Homogenization"