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When should I take the IELTS/TOEFL exams?
Students wishing to take the test after December 31 will face with issues such as not being able to submit the scores prior to the application due date for COMMAS. Therefore you should take the exams at least 2 months prior to the application deadline.

TOEFL has PBT, CBT, and IBT exams. Which one should I take and where can I find the minimum scores for all 3 types?
We accept all 3 types and minimum requirements are 550 for paper-based, 213 for computer-based, and 79 for internet-based.

Should I take GRE or GRE subject test?
GRE is not required for admission but it may have an added value during the selection process. If you wish to include your GRE score with your application, a photocopy will suffice. 

I have yet to be graduated from University. Can I still apply?
Yes, you may. If you get selected, we will issue you a conditional letter of admission that allows you to enter the program. However, prior to registration you must provide all the required documentation.

Where should I send my letters of recommendation?
The recommendation letters should come directly to the COMMAS Admission Office. We encourage you to send the full application including recommendation letters as a single package if possible. If for some reason it is not feasible, we will still match the recommendation letter to your application. 

Can my evaluator send the recommendation directly to COMMAS?
Yes. Please request him/her to write your full name on the outside of envelop as well (preferably on the bottom left corner).

Does COMMAS offer a part-time graduate program?
No COMMAS is designed to be a full-time graduate program. 

Is the German language course compulsory/Can I directly start the COMMAS program in October?
No, it is not compulsory but highly recommended. Yes, you may enter the program directly without attending the intensive course in September.