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Schedule & Deadlines

Deadlines for Winter Semester entry

To ensure that your online application receives full consideration, all materials must be correctly uploaded in Please note that a student can’t be admitted in April (summer) for the program. When you are applying for September entry, applications are accepted from November 15 to February 15. Regardless of the specific due date in February, we urge you to file your online application by early January to avoid the risk that your application or supporting materials may be delayed. Late applications will be considered only if circumstances permit.


Other important dates and information
We urge student to take the required tests couple of months prior to applying for the COMMAS. All the supporting documents including test scores must be online uploaded by the official deadline in February. In most cases we will inform you on our decision of your application around May 1st via email.


Special instructions and information

Commas Application will be online.  It starts always mid of November till 15th of February each year. Please check the updated news for further information.